Music is an invitation. It offers ways to express, to move, to connect, to be our true selves. Accepting this invitation takes us on a journey towards new experiences that only music provides. 

At Zenith, we reimagine what is possible within a music experience. We  collaborate with creative minds to experiment with sights, sounds and spaces, inviting you to dive deeper into the core of a powerful performance.

Journey with us and explore where music can take you.


We offer:

Booking services

Event production

Promotional design



We work with musicians, performers, venues and countless other creatives to produce moving, memorable music-forward experiences. Let's collaborate and reimagine together.

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Senses: A Conscious Consumption
Stay tuned!
Stay tuned!
Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, USA
When the ingredients of a song and the notes of a dish intersect, magic ensues. Dive into a delicious, layered exploration of the elements, in collaboration with Chef Danielle Leoni of The Breadfruit & Rum Bar, and a variety of local, eclectic musicians who will guide you on a sensory journey.


Inquire about upcoming events or ways to collaborate. We want to hear from you.

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